Adult Workshops

Types of CAP Adult Workshops available to schools and communities are:

Child Assault Prevention Adult Workshops

Staff In-service – is a 1 ½-2 hour in-service given by CAP facilitators for all staff persons involved in a school. The training includes an overview of assault, a detailed explanation of the classroom workshop, information on identification of abused persons, active listening guidelines for dealing with a child in crisis, community resources and referrals for reporting abuse, and legal rights and responsibilities of staff members who report abuse or neglect.

Parent Workshop – is a 1 ½ – 2 hour program which includes similar information for adults in the community. The training emphasizes communication skills for discussing assault with children and effective responses for handling a child in crisis. Parents are given a detailed description of the classroom workshops.

Could Your Students be Victims of Trafficking?
Human Trafficking is something most people think happens in remote regions of the world, not here in New Jersey, in our towns or school districts. This workshop will provide recognition of the symptoms and signs exhibited by students who are at high risk for trafficking. How does trafficking impact our students, educators and community? How can we empower our students? How can we, as adults, respond?

Animal Abuse and its Relationship to Child Abuse
This workshop is for school staff, parents and the community on the correlation between those who abuse animals, children and women. Information will be given on how online and media images of animal abuse effects children and how animal abuse relates to bullying. The identification of children/students who may be abusing animals will be discussed. Reporting procedures and solutions to the problem will be given to the participants.

Boys have the Right to be Safe, Strong & Free! How Prevention Education Empowers Boys
This workshop is an overview of the empowerment of boys. How they historically have been consigned to a role of offender while their victimization is rarely acknowledged, affecting not only treatment but also prevention education.

Recognizing and Responding to the Sexual Behavior of Children– a 1 ½ to 2 hour training package for school staff designed to promote adult understanding of children’s age appropriate sexual behavior. The training will help adults identify and deal with inappropriate sexually abusive patterns in their students or children. The material used and distributed in this workshop is based on the research and work of Dr. Gail Ryan, one of the nation’s leading researchers on adolescent and child sex offenders.*

Sexual Harassment — a 1 ½ to 2 hour workshop designed to give parents or school staff the opportunity to discuss the definitions of sexual harassment and how they apply to our children. The difference between flirting, inappropriate behaviors, sexual harassment and sexual assault will be considered. Prevention and intervention strategies will be presented and resources for supporting those efforts distributed.*

CAP’S Bullying Prevention Program– a 1 ½ to 2 hour workshop to consider the causes of peer to peer violence and bullying behaviors. The teacher/staff in-service helps staff recognize the effects of bullying behaviors and address staff responsibility for appropriate intervention, highlighting schools need for effective and comprehensive anti-bullying prevention.  Parent workshops enable parents to proactively advocate for their children who are bullied and take responsibility if their children are bullying others.  The workshops will discuss what communities can do to design and implement effective strategies to intervene and prevent bullying?. The latest research will be cited and resource and informational materials distributed.

Cyber Empowerment – a 1 ½ to 2 hour workshop that will better equip staff and parents to prevent electronic bullying, abuse and exploitation of children. This workshop is the result of a six month collaboration with the NJ State Police who have been working with the Attorney General’s office to provide cyber awareness throughout New Jersey. The State Police support CAP’s efforts as we share this information to the local school district and communities.

*Availability of adult presentations may vary from county to county. Contact your local CAP County Coordinator for more information.

NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.