Atlantic/Cape May Counties CAP Project

CAP County Coordinator:

Pam Celenza

Contact: 609-748-9773 or
Host Agency:
AtlantiCare Behavioral Health
Egg Harbor, New Jersey


Programs offered to schools and community groups with a three prong approach which includes workshops for staff, parents and students:

  • CAP for Early Childhood, Elementary, Teen
  • CAP’s Bullying Prevention Program
  • “Cyber-Empowerment” – about cyber-bullying and safety

Programs only offered to adults:

  • “Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Behavior of Children

About Atlantic/Cape May County CAP:

Atlantic/Cape May County CAP has been implementing workshops that empower children and adults to be “SAFE, STRONG, AND FREE” for 32 years. Hosted by AtlantiCare, the region’s largest healthcare organization, CAP is providing prevention education to over 6,500 children and over 800 adults throughout Atlantic and Cape May Counties each year.

  • CAP has been implemented in 31 School Districts in Atlantic and Cape May Counties and CAP’s Bullying Prevention Program in 26 Districts over the last 32 years.
  • CAP County Coordinator Serves on the Atlantic County DCP&P Advisory Board.
  • CAP is the program the Camden Diocese utilizes as the “Safe Environment” Program in all six southern counties.

In the 2017/2018 School Year CAP will be implemented in the following districts:

Atlantic County

Absecon, Margate, Mullica Twp., Estell Manor, Weymouth Twp., Pleasantville, Northfield for the Bully Prevention Program.

Non Grant Schools: Camden Diocese Schools

Cape May County

Upper Twp., Middle Twp., Middle Twp., Dennis Twp., Wildwood Crest.

Non Grant Schools: Ocean City, and Camden Diocese Diocese Schools.

What people are saying about CAP in Atlantic and Cape May!

One Administer wrote: “The program provided the staff, parents and students with additional strategies to handle situations in the lives inside and outside of the classroom”.

A teacher told a CAP Facilitator that her CAP Staff training better prepared her in handling a child suicide disclosure.

A parent was apprehensive to attend the Parent workshop because she was a survivor and wasn’t sure what to expect. She was grateful afterwards because she felt validated with the information she heard.

A TEEN CAP student wrote on her “student Evaluation”, “I’m so thankful for the CAP Program because I learned what happen to me was not my fault!”


NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.