Principal’s Comments on CAP

The CAP Coordinator received a call from a principal after Teen CAP workshops were implemented at his school. The principal explained that because of the CAP program, a seventh grader, who did not choose to participate in Review Time, did become empowered enough to speak with a […]

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“Where Were You When I Was Eight?”

This was a comment written by a teacher on the back of a CAP evaluation sheet. It is a powerful endorsement for the work being done by the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project. The combination of an excellent curriculum and skilled facilitators have produced many […]

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Children Benefit from CAP

A nine year old girl disclosed that her older sister’s husband throws her against the wall and hits her whenever he visits her house. Her parents give her ice packs to keep the bruising and swelling down. She was also fearful because she saw him drop the […]

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Parents Benefit from CAP

“As an abuse survivor, I only wish there had been a workshop like CAP for me when I was growing up. I would have had someone to tell. I feel I can give my children some real practical advice now. I have been waiting for a workshop […]

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Teachers Benefit from CAP

“This program opens new doors to my students. For the first time, I feel like I can talk to them about a subject that was more or less taboo before CAP.” “Forever impressed on my mind will be the little face of ‘Mark’, a nine year old […]

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NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.