Parents Benefit from CAP

“As an abuse survivor, I only wish there had been a workshop like CAP for me when I was growing up. I would have had someone to tell. I feel I can give my children some real practical advice now. I have been waiting for a workshop like CAP for years.”

Following a parent workshop, a couple shared this amazing story with CAP and credit the program with opening their eyes to their children’s terrifying experience.

A group of families, with adults who had been friends since college, always spent their Fourth of July together at a farm owned by one of the families. While preparing for the weekend trip, the six year old daughter of one family did not want to go. Despite her crying and protesting, the family packed up and went to the farm. Once there, the child would not leave her mother’s side. The next day after learning that the adults were going to leave the children with the caretaker of the farm, the little girl told her mother that when all the adults leave, the caretaker makes them go down in the basement and play with “icky toys”. The word “basement” triggered the mother’s memory of a recent CAP workshop which she had attended where a CAP facilitator described a molestation which had occurred to a child in a basement.

With this story in mind, the mother sat down and listened carefully to her daughter. The child went on to describe how the caretaker would get the children into the basement, molest them, have oral sex with them and use “special toys” on them. He threatened that if they told their parents that they would be punished for using these “toys” and that he would never let them ride the horses which the children loved so much.

The mother immediately reported the disclosure to the police and, as a result, the caretaker was arrested and is currently serving a sentence in a correctional facility. The mother said that if she had not attended the CAP workshop she may not have taken her daughter seriously and might have thought that she was just having separation anxiety. Both parents were thankful to the program.

A father who attended a parent workshop went to thank the facilitator for presenting a wonderfully informative workshop. He further stated that all parents should have this workshop. He stated that his intention was to stay for about 3 minutes, but based on the information presented he decided to stay for the entire workshop. He asked the workshop facilitator if the workshop was going to be repeated at the school because he wanted the opportunity for this wife to attend the workshop. He again thanked the workshop presenter for the information, and said how excited he was that his children will be receiving the CAP workshops.

After describing the children’s workshop at a parent presentation, a couple of parents expressed some concern about the content of the program for the young child. Another parent in attendance (who did not attend a workshop last year, but whose daughter had the program in kindergarten last year) said that her daughter, who is typically very nervous about things, came home very happy and excited about the CAP program and shared with her mother many of the positive things she learned.

NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.