Somerset County CAP Project

CAP County Coordinator:

Priscilla Franzyshen

Contact Information
CAP Line:908-938-7074

Host Agency:
Raritan Valley Community College
Somerville, New Jersey

Raritan County College

Programs offered to schools and community groups with a three-prong approach, which includes workshops for staff, parents and students:

• CAP for Early Childhood, Elementary, Teen, Special Needs Students
• CAP’s Bullying Prevention Program
• “Cyber-Empowerment” – about cyber-bullying and safety

Programs only offered to adults:

• “Recognizing and Responding to the Sexualized Behavior of Children”
• “Animal Abuse and its relationship to Child Abuse”

About Somerset County CAP:

For over 30 years Somerset County CAP has been helping children learn strategies
to prevent stranger abductions, known adult assault, and bullying. Some of our long time district supporters are Watchung, Warren, Bedminster, Green Brook, Manville, Franklin and Bound Brook to name a few. We have also been in every Catholic school in Somerset County and in every Head start program. We enjoy working with students of all ages as well as their parents and teachers.

What People are saying about Somerset County CAP!

“CAP is one of the most innovative and comprehensive prevention programs. They come to our school every year,” said Mr. Armand Lamberti, Principal of Irene E. Fielkirchner Elementary school in Green Brook.

Gina Infante Counselor in the Bedminster Township School said, “Our school has participated in the CAP program for over 10 years.This beneficial workshop raises our students’ awareness in a safe, non-threating classroom enviroment. The CAP program provides our students with practical strategies for the prevention of potentially dangerous situations.”

NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.