“Where Were You When I Was Eight?”

This was a comment written by a teacher on the back of a CAP evaluation sheet. It is a powerful endorsement for the work being done by the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project. The combination of an excellent curriculum and skilled facilitators have produced many stories of empowerment for the program.

Parents, teachers and children have learned and used our valuable prevention message and our CAP facilitators have intervened in and helped to stop hundreds of assault situations. Schools, law enforcement and local DYFS offices (our child protection agency) have learned to work together and their collaboration has resulted in a safer environment for children. NJ CAP has certainly had its share of “favorable outcomes and results” in prevention, intervention and collaboration. Below are just a few examples of why our state continues to offer this program to every public school.

NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.