NJCAP: Empowering Children

Educating Schools

PRESCHOOL CAP is designed for 3½ to 5 year old children and takes about 45 minutes a day over three consecutive days and is implemented by two CAP facilitators.

Strengthening Families

Learn to help your children be free from abuse and bullying by using strategies that let them know that they have a right to be safe, strong
and free.

Empowering Communities

You and CAP can help change your community by teaching the adults and children in your community about children’s rights. There are 21 CAP projects in New Jersey.

Welcome 2017/18 CAP Elementary Facilitators!

Welcome 2017/18 CAP Elementary Facilitators!

Welcome to NJ CAP

New Jersey Child Assault Prevention (NJ CAP) is a statewide community based prevention program. With a motto “All Children Deserve to be Safe, Strong and Free” ®, the CAP program seeks to reduce children’s vulnerability to abuse, neglect and bullying by providing comprehensive prevention workshops for children, parent and school staff. NJ CAP supervises 21 county CAP offices and over 200 program facilitators. The project is sponsored by the NJ Department of Children and Families and supported by school districts across the State. NJ CAP is one of 35 CAP Regional Training Centers of the International Center for Assault Prevention.

CAP 2018-2019 Grant Application

All public, private and parochial schools are welcome to apply for CAP funding. Please complete the applications by filling in the word document from the links below, getting board approval and sending the signed and completed application no later then June 30, 2018 by email to:  njcap.applications@gmail.com.  Only electronic copies will be accepted.

  1. Schools are requested to commit to a match of 30% of the total CAP program costs for the Elementary, Teen, Special Needs and Early Childhood CAP programs and 50% for CAP’s Bullying Prevention program.
  2. Exceptions to this requirement are made for urban aide districts and those districts who can document financial need and/or other related factors.
  3. Application will not be accepted without waiver documentation when requesting the exemption.
  4. All applications must have board approval.

Grant Applications Online

Are you concerned about a child who you suspect may be abused or neglected?

We at CAP encourage you to take action by making a call to our State Central Screening
Registry at 1-877-652-2873.
Learn more about reporting abuse at http://www.state.nj.us/dcf/reporting/how/index.html.
Stand with the CAP motto that “All Children Deserve to be Safe, Strong and Free.” ®

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NJ CAP is a RTC of the International Center for Assault Prevention. It partners with state, national and worldwide prevention advocates.